If you’re like me, you’ve seen prayer beads used more and more as part of interior decor over the past couple of years. I have to admit, I was not only perplexed at first as to why people would choose these as a decorative item, but it bothered me a bit, too. I’m not an overly religious person, but I do have great respect for religious symbols of any kind.

The problem was, I really loved how they looked! I was torn about whether or not to buy them. It was like I had an angel on one shoulder whispering that they were a religious artifact that should be treated with more respect. I felt like using them would make me a bad person. But the she-devil on the other shoulder whispered, “But, Sandi, they look so pretty! Just think of how cute they would look wrapped around that candle holder on your coffee table!” The problem was, the she-devil was right–they added so much to the decor they accentuated!

Not long ago I ran across a blog post talking about how to use farmhouse beads as part of your interior decor. Farmhouse beads? Of course, they were the exact same beads, but just the name change made me feel better and I bought some right away! ?

Farmhouse BeadsI always try to buy from small businesses, so I cruised Etsy until I came across these, made by

Why do we love farmhouse beads so much? Because of their unique shape and texture. And because they’re fluid so it’s easy to make them fit with any other decor. Farmhouse beads also give a certain casual feel without taking away from the pieces they’re grouped with. They come in so many colors and sizes, and you can get them with cute little tags that say things like, “Love,” or “Gather.” The thing about farmhouse beads is that you can use them pretty much anywhere you want and in any form you want. Wrap them around a vase, drape them down a stack of books, put them in a bowl and let them hang over the side. They look great any way you use them!

Farmhouse beads are the must-have addition to your decor–like the mustard you didn’t realize your potato salad needed until you added it for the first time. They just add something.

The fact that they’re inexpensive makes them even more appealing. You can even DIY farmhouse beads using Dollar Store supplies. Get creative and have some fun!

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