I’m a huge fan of summertime! I love sun, beaches, lakes, hot days and warm nights! As soon as the weather begins to cool down, which is usually mid-late November where I live, I find myself longing for summer again.

Most people I know love fall or winter. They enjoy “sweater weather.” I have to admit, give me a roaring fire, comfy couch, and a warm blanket when it’s pouring rain outside, and I’m a happy girl!

No matter which season you enjoy, most of us can agree that decorating for a new season can brighten our spirits. My favorite season for decor is Autumn. I love the colors, the leaves (Unless I have to rake!) and the pumpkins. I live in wine country, and there is nothing more beautiful than watching the leaves on the grapevines turn color!

As someone who obviously enjoys home decor, I was over the moon when I saw the new colors Chalk Couture introduced in the Autumn/Winter 2020 catalog. Knowing that shimmers are still popular, and that neutrals and dark neutrals were going to be big this year, I immediately ordered a whole slew of new pastes to play with! Let me introduce you to a few of my new favorites:

Chalk Couture Shimmer Copper Chalkology Paste
Shimmer Copper
Chalk Couture Shimmer Crimson Chalkology Paste
Shimmer Crimson
Chalk Couture Shimmer Frost Chalkology Paste
Shimmer Frost
Chalk Couture Shimmer Gold Chalkology Paste
Shimmer Gold
Chalk Couture Shimmer Harvest Chalkology Paste
Shimmer Harvest
Chalk Couture Shimmer Olive Chalkology Paste
Shimmer Olive
Chalk Couture Shimmer Shadow Chalkology Paste
Shimmer Shadow
Chalk Couture Bark Chalkology Paste
Chalk Couture Shimmer Silver Chalkology Paste
Shimmer Silver
Chalk Couture Cadette Chalkology Paste
Chalk Couture Fig Chalkology Paste
Chalk Couture Dune Chalkology Paste
Chalk Couture Current Jam Chalkology Paste
Current Jam
Chalk Couture Colonial Blue Chalkology Paste
Colonial Blue
Chalk Couture Camel Chalkology Paste

To look at our entire pallet of pastes and inks, visit www.ChalkCouture.com/SandiSilva

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